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Introducing... Dee Rivers Unexpected Answers

Dee Rivers unexpected answers independent book shoreham by sea craft fair

Unexpected Answers is Dee Rivers' debut novel, based on a secret that her parents' took to their graves.

What encouraged you to write your own book?

Many people, on hearing the amazing story suggested a book and as I had written a few unpublished children's short stories many years earlier, I was encouraged by family to 'give it a go'. While working in an extremely quiet furniture showroom, I began writing in a notebook, transferring and editing my words to the computer in the evenings at home. After many rejections from publishers the story lay in a file on my computer for a number of years until I was encouraged to dig it out again and finally complete it!

Have you always been a book worm?

I have been an avid reader since a very early age. Now, as an adult, family saga's are my favourite type of book. I like to feel that the author has done some research, where the reader is perhaps taken to different countries with a thought-provoking plot. My local library is a regular haunt and a book is never far from my hands. Though saying that, music is my first love. I sing with a local choir and play piano, I am now retired though still playing for pleasure. I have also written several Christian Gospel songs and poetry.

We love Dee's braveness in releasing her family story to the world. If you're as intrigued as we are then make sure you come down to our event! You can meet Dee and chat about her experiences, plus buy a copy of her book; the perfect thing to snuggle up with on these cold winter nights.

For more information on Dee and Unexpected answers make sure you check out her website and you can even follow Dee on Instagram.

Unexpected answers is also available to purchase on Amazon

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