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Introducing... Shiv Textiles

Today on the blog, we have caught up with Siobhan Martin, who is the founder & designer behind Shiv Textiles; which is a contemporary alternative twist on vintage woven fabric. You'll be able to meet Siobhan and her designs at our Christmas Market at the Brighthelm Centre on the 8th December.

How did you start out?

I graduated in 2016 from the University of Brighton with a First Class Honours Degree in Textiles with Business Studies BA(Hons). As part of my 4 year degree I interned at international companies such as Woven Studios, Malhia Kent-Paris, Ben Sherman, Stephen Walter, David Walters, and Humphries Weaving Company. However after I left university I still couldn't get a job in the textiles industry which was payed! I moved home to save money and started managing a cafe. I was there for a year and bit but I knew I needed to be creative and work for myself! In February 2017 I went on a inspiring holiday with my parents and grandparents exploring my heritage and lots of micro mills in rural Ireland. After that I invest my saving from working in the cafe in to my business and Shiv Textiles was born!

How has your business developed since?

Whilst I was studying my woven designs were more focus towards the fashion industry due to me taking Textiles with business studies for fashion BA(Hons). I realised after my degree, I am much more interested in creating interiors and homeware products, as well as producing locally while inspiring and investing in creative community-driven workshops. Creating and promoting traditional craftwork in textiles is really important to me. Focusing to minimise ecological damage while maximising the efficiency in production processes.

What’s your favourite thing to create?

My favourite thing to create is probably my purses and pouches! They are made for the waste of my bigger products I design eg cushions and scarves. The leather I used for the straps are upcycled from leather factories around the country. The Zips are sourced from factory second, so I never know what I am going to get. This is a different way of designing, you never know what your going to make!

I feel like a can educate my customers with my purses and pouches because of this.

Large quantities of waste has a negative effect on the environment. 90% of raw materials used in manufacturing become waste before the product goes to retail. 80% of products made are thrown away in the first 6 months of purchasing. By adopting a urban local supply chains and having zero-waste solutions in place allow us to create sustainable long lasting products whilst educating our consumers.

What do you love most about attending craft fairs?

I love attending fairs and shows mainly because I get to meet so many talented people and make new friends!

I also love telling my story with my products and explains to how I weave them from high quality yarns which are up-cycled and source from across the British Isles from mills and factories. Ecological, sustainable and ethical products don't have to be "boring" or "plain" they can be colourful and creative!

Will you be offering anything special at our event?

I will be running a Christmas Competition - offering a chance to win a mindful, creative weaving workshop for beginners for you and 7 friends! Over the 3 hours you will learn how to warp up a frame loom and create a piece of cloth which could be made in to a mini wall hanging, large coaster or just a colour creation. I have a wide selection of coloured and textured yarns to choose from, so you can be as experimental as you want!

I also will be selling handcrafted woven cushions, blankets, scarves, purses & pouches, and weaving kits for all ages!

Don't forget to follow Siobhan online and check our her online shop here:




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