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Introducing... Samantha Hall Designs

Today on the blog, we've caught up with Samantha Hall who's a Brighton based artist. Her beautiful Scandinavian artwork is available as cushions, totes, and even wallpaper! Find Samantha Hall at one of our upcoming Christmas Markets and don't forget to check out her online shop too!

How Did you start out?

Samantha Hall Designs began last year when I started exploring making my textile patterns into homeware products. I quit my job in retail, and I decided to go for it! I have always been a textiles designer at heart, and I wanted to start working for myself and launch my own brand. I am focusing on Scandinavian design and my passion for nature which came from my trips to Iceland, Norway and the Black Forest in Germany.

How has your business developed since?

Since starting last October, I sell online, attend craft fairs, and create custom orders. I am also excited to now have candles stocked in the ‘Lana Boutique’ in Brighton. I love working for myself as every day is different.

Whats your favourite thing to create?

Making my cushions! Cushions, cushions, cushions! Studying textiles, I am a bit of a fabric enthusiast so creating cushions and any other fabric-based product is my passion. I enjoy exploring different fabric types and seeing my patterns come to life. Currently, there is a bit of a theme to my work as I love drawing bears.

What do you love most about attending craft fairs?

I love meeting new people and seeing what my fellow crafters make. You feel a part of a community when attending and you get to enjoy the experience together and learn from each other.

Will you be offering anything special at our event?

I will be selling my new baby range and colouring book which are brand new products! My products are handmade in Brighton, and all my materials are recycled, natural and sustainable.

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