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Introducing... Headblush

Today we've caught up with Sofaya, who is the one to see when you need your life glittering up! Find Sofaya at several Paper Daisy events including our Street Food & Makers Market for your glittery fix and colourful makeovers!

Headblush is colour, creativity, fun and freedom. Headblush is a body-positive, fabulous, extravaganza for all. Let go and enjoy the moment in a whirlwind of bold colour and dazzling style.

Hey blush babes! I’m Sofaya, a self-taught Brighton-based makeup artist on a mission to make makeup creative and fun so that YOU look and feel fantastic. For me, makeup has nothing to do with expectation and everything to do with expression. Now, if makeup isn't your thing, that's cool. You do you, boo! If it is, then let's get into some badass makeup with an extra slice of confidence.

Headblush comes from my frustration of people not being allowed to be themselves, to feel confident in their own skin, a matter of choice when it comes to their body. Because they shouldn’t wear that, because strangers will stare, because it just doesn’t suit them. Whether you’re worried about looking silly, feeling uncomfortable, or even your dark circles, leave your worries at the door. Let me cover you in glitter and distract you with your own fabulousness.

Headblush is about choice, confidence, creativity. Headblush is about being uniquely you.

Headblush offers: the Glitta Bar, Brighton's shiniest, not-so-well-kept secret providing glittery embellishments for public and private events; pots of our delicious no-mess, all-fabulous Glitta Jam, a cosmetic glitter gel providing serious sparkle in one swipe; bold and creative editorial and client makeup for brands, bands and babes of any gender; and hands-on, down-to-earth creative learning sessions to help clients get exactly what they want out of makeup.

How did you start out?

After dipping my toes into being a freelance makeup artist, I quickly realised that soft bridal looks and dewy, natural fashion lookbook makeup just wasn't for me. I've always used bold colour in my own makeup and my creative photoshoot looks (which I began doing with friends at 17!), so, against the advice of other makeup professionals, I decided to pursue bright, bold and creative makeup and the kind of clients that dig those looks. How has your business developed since?

Not long after this decision, I began hosting pop up makeup bars in 2016, first for Halloween (glam and gory character looks) and then Christmas (glitter). After the success at Christmas, the Headblush Glitta Bar was born and I've been doing them ever since all around Brighton, in London and also up in Edinburgh! I switched to using predominantly biodegradable glitter in August 2017 after realising the damaging environmental impact of standard plastic cosmetic glitter. I launched Glitta Jam, my own cosmetic glitter gel, back in September 2017 after so many of my Glitta Bar clients asked what I was using to create my glitter looks. I now sell it via Etsy, my own website and at fairs such as yours! As Headblush continues to grow, I've gotten to a point where I need a pair of helping hands (or two) and I'm currently advertising for Glitta Makeover artists.

What’s your favourite thing to create?

Creating a new Glitta Jam to pot up and sell and use to create new Glitta Makeover looks at the Glitta Bar is so much fun! The actual mixing process is so very satisfying as well, so much so that I regularly use mixing videos in my social media content.

You can Follow Headblush on:

Facebook - Headblush Glitta

Facebook - Headblush Makeup

Instagram - Headblush Glitta

Instagram - Headblush

Twitter - Headblush Glita

Twitter - Headblush


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