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Introducing... Lilypea & Olive

We've been catching up with Lilypea & Olive who create cute and whimsical creations from fabric and felt. You'll find them at our Easter Boutique Market on March 31st.

How did you start Lilypea & Olive?

It all started with a sewing machine bought for my 40th birthday last year! But my family in Scotland are all very crafty and I was brought up with it.

My cousin recently opened up an awesome shop called Everlongart Studios & Art Shop in Alford Aberdeenshire and she is such an inspiration and supporter of local talent and small craft businesses.

Has your business changed over the years?

Less my business, more my house as I’ve had to buy more and more storage units for the tonnes of fabric, felt and ribbons and ... let’s just leave it there!

Do you have a favourite creation of yours?

I love making sugar skulls and adding character to each one, as well as my bandit rabbits and pigs in tutus. I think they’re my 3 favourite things to make.

I love exploring the different qualities in working with all sorts of materials from cotton and cork to vinyl to my favourite of all, felt! Growing up my mum used to be a quilter and I remember her being very excited about fabrics. It’s obviously a genetic thing...

What do you enjoy most about attending craft fairs?

I love meeting people at craft fairs and seeing their reactions to my products. I especially enjoy meeting people that are passionate about crafting as I don’t think everyone is. I’m often dazzled by other stall holders talent and it’s great to be able to talk to them and swap stories! It's a really supportive community.

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