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Introducing... Lewes Road

Meet Ollie and Tasha, the creators behind Lewes Road, an eco friendly clothing and luxury leather goods brand. They'll be joining us in Shoreham at our Easter Boutique Market on March 31st.

It all started when...

We (Ollie and Tasha) were travelling across the US and Canada, having left school and university life behind us, in search of where our lives would lead. The bustling fashion centres of NYC & LA inspired us, whilst National Parks and Forests reminded us of the impact that consumerism was having on the natural world. One evening, after a whole day of travelling, we sat with a note pad in our Las Vegas hotel room with an idea...

"Travel + Fashion + Environment"

We were dedicated to bringing these three components together.

+ Travel

We wanted to create something that would inspire travel, be that walking La Rambla in Barcelona or watching the Northern Lights in Norway. We want to share our passion for adventure and encourage you to experience as much of the world as possible.

+ Fashion

It is important for us to appeal to the style of both men and women, creating classic pieces that will never go out of fashion. The high quality we adhere to reduces the need for re-purchasing, as has become so normal in a world of "fast-fashion", and provides you with a long lasting product.

+ Environment

We believe that we have a duty to protect the natural world and we can't see why fashion and the environment have to be mutually exclusive. We aim to utilise as many recycled materials as possible within our products to reduce our future environmental footprint, and ensure that Lewes Road is an ecologically sustainable brand.

Keep up to date with Ollie & Tasha through their social media channels. You can find them on:




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