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Introducing... Laydee Rushka

We've been catching up with Lauren, aka Laydee Rushka. You'll find Lauren and her unique wreath designs at our Makers Market on December 9th at the Brighthelm Centre.

Tell us a bit about Laydee Rushka...

Laydee Rushka is an independent Brighton based studio creating playful and unique wreaths. My mission is "To make pretty, fun, silly things which hopefully spread some joy.”

But we thought wreath's were just for Christmas...

A wreath’s not just for Christmas! They can, of course, be used to celebrate festivals and mark special occasions, but they can also be so much more. They make for fabulously fun and interesting home decor - wall and door hangings that can be updated seasonally, or as you please; they can be personalised for your kid’s bedroom door…or almost anything, for that matter.

We couldn't agree more! How did you start this wreath adventure?

So I began to question: Why we don’t see more of them, other than the traditional sort? Why don’t we view them in the same way that we do many other forms of art; like the picture we choose to hang in our lounge, or the various items of beauty we have on display in our homes which bring us pleasure. And it baffled me! Wreaths can be practical or silly, fancy or ridiculous. They make great gifts and are a real conversation starter.

What inspires your unique wreath designs, and how have they changed over time?

Laydee Rushka was inspired by a dear friend lost far too soon. She was fabulously crafty and loved hats and fascinators and playing dress-up, as do I. Originally I'd intended to set up Laydee Rushka and make fascinators in her honour, but somehow (I genuinely have NO idea) I ended up re-discovering the humble wreath...and I just can’t make myself stop!

Then, as my living room quickly transitioned into wreath-making studio some friends - whose opinions regarding the aesthetic I hold in high regard - commented that I should sell them. And so Laydee Rushka became official. What started out very recently - essentially as self therapy - seems to have taken on a life of its own...and I'm loving the ride so we'll see where it takes us!

If you'd like to hear about about Laydee Rushka's unique start in business, then keep up to date with Lauren across social media! You can find her on:




And remember to check out the Laydee Rushka online store: Etsy Shop

You can browse the online stores of many of our traders, check out our meet the traders page to find out more.

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