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This week we've been catching up with artist Naomi Sloman who will be joining us on Sunday 12th November! She lives and works in Brighton and she offers a whole range of quirky illustrated gifts including prints, cards, mugs and lots more! Read on to find out more...



How did you start out?
I have  always wanted to draw for a living and, after a few years of working in PR, I decided to see if I could make it happen. I started working part-time and did an art and design foundation diploma at Camberwell College on my day off. It’s taken a few years to develop my style and to build up a portfolio alongside working. After I had a baby I quit my day job and I’m finally concentrating purely on commissioned illustrations and selling my own products.

How has your business developed since?
Slowly! Working and having a baby have definitely got in the way of making big steps forward as an artist, but I love it and it’s totally worth having the patience. 

What’s your favourite thing to draw?
I love drawing animals with human characteristics. 

Do you have a best seller?
Last year I made mugs with llamas on and they sold out really quickly. I have more this year!

Do you have any plans for the future?
Yes, I’m working on launching a brand for babies and toddlers. The first product is an A-Z poster, which will be available online soon and on my market stalls. Sales and customer feedback will hopefully shape the direction of the brand going forward.

What do you love most about attending craft fairs?
There’s a really nice atmosphere and it’s great to meet the people who buy my work face to face.

Will you be offering anything special at our event?
There will be the chance to win one of my new A-Z posters. And there will be some bargains available as I’ll be putting some of my stock on sale! 


Don't forget to check our her website or Etsy shop.

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