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Introducing... Elisa Arlant

This week we've been catching up with Elisa Arlant, she'll be bringing along her unique artwork to our event on September 2nd at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton.

What is it that encouraged you to start selling your artwork?

I started when I moved here from Italy to Brighton 5 months ago. I have been an artist since I was a child. I moved to Brighton to change my life for the better, and to create new work using my passions and talents. All good things need time so I'm working hard on my art, and trying to develop it.

Do you have a favourite thing you enjoy to create the most?

I don't have a favourite thing. I don't want to put myself in a box, I define myself as an eclectic and creative mind. I like to draw, to paint, to take pictures, to write, and create home decor. I like to give a strong message and say that all of us are unique and we don't have to compare ourselves to others. Brighton gives me the opportunity to understand this better. So I'm really grateful to this city and its people

Is there anything that you would like to try to create in the future?

I would like to develop a project called 'Step by step'. As I see life as a long and beautiful journey that must be done step by step. I'm really interested in people and their life stories, so in the future I would like to offer customers a unique piece of art using shoes as a canvas. "Step by step" could also be a great Wedding gift - A bride and husband giving a gift of the beginning of their path together. They will tell me their stories, their passions, and I will translate those stories into a unique design. Offering 30 min of Skype consulting, or a coffee meeting, and two draft designs before completion.

Which part of craft fairs and markets do you enjoy the most?

I love to share my creations with someone else, I love to meet other creative people and to speak with customers. To share experiences and to offer my customers unique pieces, as each of mine creations are original and there are no two creations that are the same.

Will you be offering anything special for our event on September 2nd?

I will be offering unique pieces, love, smiles and good vibes.

Don't miss out on Elisa's wonderful artwork; you can come check it out at our Street Food & Makers Market on September 2nd.

But if you'd like to keep up with her online then check out her Instagram page, full of beautiful imagery.

You can also get in touch with Elisa for some bespoke pieces via email or phone:


Mobile: 07418036145

Remember to check out our other Paper Daisy traders on our meet the traders database.

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