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Introducing... Retro Geek Craft

We've been catching up with Cara from Retro Geek Craft. You'll find her unique, geeky crafts at our Christmas Market in Brighton on December 9th.

What is it that encouraged you to start Retro Geek Craft?

I’ve always had itchy fingers – making, painting, stringing together beads and messing around “adapting” my clothes and jewellery. My in-laws run a small community arts fair and basically bugged me to death until I made some stuff for it one year. I had no confidence that anyone had taste anywhere near mine, but I guess I was wrong.

How has Retro Geek developed since the early days?

In a lot of ways its grown more as I’ve played with more skills and techniques that I was capable of doing myself. I did a screen printing class and fell in love with the technique, so I now make printed tote bags. Also, as I’ve discovered new “toys” allowing me to make more unusual things. I guess its still early days so I haven’t got very far... it's still just me and the cat at the kitchen table a lot of the time.

What do you and Pippin (the kitty) enjoy to create the most?

I really love making the bunting necklaces. Sitting with all the paint colours in front of me and combining them into rainbows and cool colour palettes makes me inordinately happy.

Do you have a favourite thing about attending craft fairs?

It sounds cliché but it really is seeing people's reactions. Growing up in a tiny town I was the weird kid, no one liked what I liked so the idea that people like what I make, ostensibly for “myself”, still amazes me. It is lovely to hear people say how they love something that came out of my own brain. Also, it's always fun to see people try to get some of the weirder references on some of the products. I pretty much absorb anything sci-fi, fantasy and comic book and regurgitate quotes, ideas and references in the oddest way.

Will you be offering anything special at our event on December 9th?

I’m currently working on a few more ideas, including some special Christmas things so there will be some fun new products available – not least because there's a lot of inspiring things on the horizon.

You can keep up with Retro Geek online through Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Don't miss out on their unique Etsy store as well, lots of great gift ideas, why not even treat your self..?

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