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Introducing... Amy Harriet Woodcock Designs

Get to know our next Paper Daisy trader Amy Harriet Woodcock Designs. Amy's unique designs are whimsical, creative and a whole lot of fun! You'll find her at our Christmas Street Food & Makers Market in Brighton.

What inspired you to make such unique art?

I've always been very artistic, with art being my true strength whilst in school. With an interest in education too, I undertook a degree in primary education. However, my underlying passion was always art and design. I was fortunate enough to specialise in art and design during my degree. I was introduced to wire and took to this medium immediately. I've always had a very linear drawing style. I started 'drawing' with the wire and discovered the results were great!

In my spare time, I decided to try out making nature inspired decorative items with wire. I began selling a few but became sidetracked by my day job. However, I felt like the wire creations were pretty unique and decided to focus more of my spare time on making and selling them. I have been steadily selling more of them in my current Etsy shop!

Do you have a favourite design to make?

I enjoy creating each and every one of my wire items. I hope to expand into incorporating nature inspired line drawings into my range eventually, to compliment my wire.

What inspires your designs?

I've always had an interest in nature and wildlife, having grown up in the countryside. I spend quite a lot of time out in the Sussex countryside. If I see something on my journey that inspires me, I make a note of it, and do some drawings of it when I get home before making some wire items based on it!

Is there anything you enjoy most about attending craft fairs?

This will be my second craft fair I am attending this year! My first fair will be in August. I am looking forward to meeting new people and I am really excited to share my work with a wider audience! I am also looking forward to taking inspiration from different makers!

Will you have any special offers at our Markets?

I will be selling my special range of wire items. I may also be incorporating some nature inspired line drawings to compliment my wire!

You can find Amy on Instagram & Twitter & if you can't wait until December to see her unique artwork you can find her online store on Etsy!

Remember to check out our full directory of Paper Daisy Traders in our Online Directory: Meet The Traders.

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