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Meet Brighton based illustrator Sarah Harris, who joined us on June 10th and will be back on August 12th at Brighthelm Centre, for our Summer Street Food & Makers Market. Her work leans towards fantasy and children's illustration using mainly a mix between water colour paint and drawings. They are just so beautiful to look at! 


What made you setup Tiny Frog Studio?

I have always made art since a young age and I have managed to forge a career as an art teacher in a secondary school. I am lucky to have a career in which I am surrounded by art and witness new images being created and developed everyday. My interest in children's illustration developed because I wanted to make art at home which wasn't 'serious'; quick art which came naturally without a lot of thought.


How has the studio developed since?

My art has developed over the last 3 years in this direction and my Esty shop, which sells nursery prints has been an outlet ever since. I am a new business, I am still finding my feet in terms of what is popular. At the moment, I developing my shop depending on what is selling and what I have the most fun creating.


What’s your favourite thing to create?

I love working with running watercolour. The softness of this technique works beautifully with nursery prints and it's lots of fun to play with! I love drawing bears, and there are a few of these to be found at Tiny Frog Studio. I am really looking forward to attending the summer craft fairs! They will be the first ones ever for Tiny Frog Studio


You can follow Sarah & Tiny Frog Studio on:


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