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How to take high quality pictures for your Etsy listings

Glitter & Gem, Image by Bryony Reynolds at Paper Daisy

One of the troubles we see a lot of you having online is how best to take high quality, enticing pictures of your products. Whether they're to be used on Etsy or your own website, the images need to be eye-catching and engaging. So we asked one of our Paper Daisy traders to write us a guest blog on this very topic.

Here's Sarah from Glitter & Gem to tell you more about the tricks, techniques and snazzy equipment she uses to get the perfect photos of her handmade jewellery...

For me one of the most daunting parts of running my own business is taking photos of my products and listing them all! Not only is the process long, but if you don't know what you're doing the end result won't be what you were aiming for at all. I've struggled since the very beginning with trying to take good quality photos that actually look professional. It's such a key part of selling online, as the image needs to give a clear representation of how the product looks in real life. If the product doesn't look good in the photo then people won't click your listing, and you won't get a sale. Whilst I am in no way a professional photographer, I have tried lots of different techniques, apps and even several different light boxes! And now I think I have finally come up with images which I'm quite happy with, and have been resulting in more sales on Etsy and through the Glitter & Gem website.

Jewellery is very difficult to capture, especially gemstones! But here's my 3 top tips on how I do it, and the equipment I use:

1. Stick with your phone and a snazzy app!

I've abandoned trying to work out my daughters expensive camera and now stick with my iPhone 6s, it gets the job done perfectly fine! It also lets me use an app called Camera+ - it's easy to use with loads of features, you just have to play around with it until you find what works best for your products. It's only available on Apple but you can get equally good apps for Android, do some research and test some different ones out.

2. Use household items to create contrast and a clean background

I also abandoned the light boxes, after trying 3 separate ones I found they just didn't look how I wanted them to, and they always had a weird blue 'tinge' to the images. Instead, I now opt for good old fashioned plain white paper and a bright day! Sunny days are best, in a shaded position but not covered, so you can still see the sky above, and I use a grey slate for contrast (this is purely what works best for me as it contrasts well against silver).

3. My final tip is to try an add on lens

I have a macro lens option on Camera+ but I find the add on lens is much better. I use the Olloclip 7x lens which is perfect for my iPhone. Then you just play around with the Camera+ app and see which styles you like best!

Take a look at Glitter and Gem's Etsy Shop here

Do you have any tips of your own to add? Let us know in the comments box below...

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