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Introducing... MegaLilyDesign

Take a trip into the world of MegaLilyDesign. You will find Alexandra at our Easter Boutique Market in April and our Summer Makers Markets on Aug 12th and Sept 2nd, all at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton.

So, How did you start out?

I launched MegaLilyDesign one year ago after many years of crafting and making as a hobby. I came close to studying art when I left school but instead followed my other passion and trained as a Stage Manager and worked in theatres around the country for several years. I then did the equivalent of a career "U-turn" and trained as a nurse, whilst always trying to keep creative in my spare time! Now I have the best of both worlds - creative and medical - by starting MegaLilyDesign.

What inspires your designs?

Most MegaLilyDesigns are inspired by nature and feature flowers or butterflies. I've always loved the outdoors and the vibrant colour palette that nature provides. Some of my designs are graphic designs using floral shapes, whilst some use photographic and observational references to describe specific flowers such as the English Dog Rose and Snowdrops. ​

What's your favourite thing to create?

Although I love creating new designs and the process of sketching and colouring the design, I have to admit that hand making my resin jewellery is my favourite creative process. All my products are made at home in my little workspace. Pouring the liquid resin is just one part of a long process that involves carefully sealing the hand embellished paper inserts, pouring (usually two separate layers) of resin and maintaining a lookout for bubbles for a further 24 hours - but the results are worth the wait!

What do you most love about attending fairs & markets?

I love taking part in craft fairs as it is a chance to meet both buyers and other makers. I took part in several fairs last year and am doing lots more this year! I really love talking to buyers and getting to explain about my making process and to hear their feedback on my products. It is really nice to share experiences with other makers and I find that people are very generous with advice and tips!

I am delighted to be taking part in Paper Daisy Event's Easter and Summer Fairs throughout 2017!

You can find MegaLilyDesign on Etsy.

They are also on social media, so why not give them a follow:

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