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Introducing... Poplar Gifts

Get to know our Paper Daisy trader Poplar Gifts.

How did Poplar Gifts begin?

Poplar Gifts launched in January 2015 as a mother and daughter team, with a target of creating an item a week, and attending a Spring and Christmas Fete. As confidence and success grew our output and event bookings escalated to the point where 2016 saw a threefold increase plus a steady stream of orders.

Where did you get the inspiration to start your adventure?

The idea sprang from a visit to a school Christmas fair. The range of craft and skills on show started us thinking that we could also ‘have a go’. Knitting and Crochet run in the family as skills practised by both grandmothers and a great-great aunt too. From knitting dolls clothes, crocheting ‘new baby’ gifts and creating our own Christmas cards for over ten years, we have always enjoyed craft.

What do you enjoy about participating in craft fairs?

We have both benefitted, picking up new tips and tricks. Thoroughly enjoying meeting lots of new people, watching children’s faces when they try to choose, networking with other ‘crafters’ and experiencing quite a few adventures in the process. Clinging on to the gazebo during a thunderstorm at a Summer Fête, while Mum hid under the table protecting the dog, is 2016’s outstanding moment!

How vast is your collection of knit and crochet items now?

Over 233 different items have been created from patterns and imagination. These are generally grouped as Accessories, Bags & Purses, Chocolate Covers, Clothing, Cushions, Decoration, Key Rings, Mobiles, and Toys. We also accept special orders and are happy to personalise items at no extra cost.

Do you have any favourite creations?

There are favourites, with the most popular item seeming to be the knitted Koala, though the crocheted Christmas Pudding People have been a big hit at Christmas.

You can keep up to date with all the new creations from Poplar Gifts through their social media:

See some of their creations on the Poplar Gifts website too!

If you want to get involved and learn some tips and tricks on doing your own creations then you should check out the Poplar Gifts workshops.

Check out some of our other Paper Daisy traders too on our Meet the traders database!

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