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Introducing... A Nouveau

Get to know our Paper Daisy trader, A Nouveau. They'll be joining us for the second time at our Easter Boutique Market on April 15th in Brighton.

How did A Nouveau begin?

About 2 years ago I started my first job out of university. I was behind a desk all day and I knew that wasn't the life for me. I came up against a few medical issues and was signed off work for about 6 months. During this time I looked for different things that I would be able to do that would keep me busy. This is when I started my crafting. I made my first set of coasters to decorate my bedroom with and from there it developed. I started making them for friends and family as gifts.

How has A Nouveau developed since?

I ended up making about 45 sets of coasters, perfecting the method as I went. I now have a tried and tested method of creating my coasters to ensure they look perfect and up to a high standard. I unfortunately had to leave my job and therefore I needed to find something to look towards when I was able to return to a working life. This was when I signed up to my first craft fair. I knew then that I wanted to try and sell my coasters. From here I decided to give my business a good go whilst I had the chance as if I didn't take the risk now I may have never had the opportunity again. From this point I started testing out new potential products and found a lot of new items that I could up-cycle by decoupaging them.

What’s your favourite thing to create?

I absolutely love making my coasters, both personalised and my originals. However, there is nothing that beats finding an old and run down item and decoupaging it to create a beautiful bespoke piece that can make an elegant addition to someones home.

What do you enjoy most about attending craft fairs?

I love to meet the people who are buying my products and to find out what my items will be used for. I once sold a decoupaged photo frame to an elderly lady who told me that it was going to be placed next to her bed with a picture of her late husband in it. I was touched to know what I had made something that would become so special to another person!

Will you be offering anything special at our Easter Boutique Market in Brighton?

I have recently been developing a new range of coasters using images of recognisable parts of Brighton in a range called, 'By the sea side'. These will be on offer at the Fair in Brighton and I am really excited to see what everyone thinks of them. I am also wanting my business to be built upon promoting a positive mindset and therefore, I am starting on a new line of coasters to boost self esteem and mood and these will be ready to debut at the fair!

If you want to keep up with A Nouveau's creations then check them out on social media:



They also have an Etsy shop!

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