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Introducing... Vannucchi

Time to get to know our Paper Daisy trader Vannucchi. They'll be joining us for the first time at our Easter Boutique Market in April!

So who are Vannucchi?

Vannucchi is a new jewellery brand that specialises in ethically sourced, hand-made jewellery and accessories.

What makes your jewellery unique?

We use a combination of tropical hard woods and metals; we apply new processes to explore the different qualities of the woods used. By doing this we are able to create unique and tactile pieces, giving each item a unique story behind its creation.

How have your techniques developed over time?

We have found that combining the wood and metal allows for new aesthetics and textures to become an integral part of the design process and that due to the very nature of the materials used no two pieces will ever be the same, giving each buyer a unique piece to be treasured.

You can find Vannucchi's shop through their website.

They're also on social media, so why not give them a follow:

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