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You eager early birds!

Early bird spaces are full!

All you eager traders who bagged yourselves a space, well done! All our early bird spaces are now taken. But don't worry, there's still spaces left for all you other traders - the cost to trade will just be slightly more. But it's worth it!

So far we've got some serious creative goodness, but we are sure there is more to be seen from you lot! Get in touch if you've got some creative wares to sell.

Creative workshops

We are still on the look out for creatives interested in hosting educational workshops on the day too. We want people to learn new skills and hobbies, get in touch if you want to teach yours!

What type of creatives do we have so far?

We are very excited by the traders who have already requested a place at our event!

Here's a few of them for your perusal - Check them out on social media and give them a cheeky follow.

Becky Netley Photography

Becky Netley Photography

C is For Colette


Glitter & Gem

Glitter & Gem

Chris Millard Creative

Chris Millard Creative

Want to take part in our Christmas craft event?

Email us at: for more information and a booking form!

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